Real Rad Food

The product is an Instagrammers dream. The challenge was to deliver a brand that would do it justice.
Real Rad Food is based in Mount Maunganui and provides raw, plant-based desserts which also happen to be vegan, refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, and most importantly, guilt free. A quick scroll through the brands Instagram page shows a beautiful array of cakes, slices, and raw balls that look more suited to an art museum, rather than in someone’s gob. Included is a mix of everything from organic freeze-dried raspberries, coconut oil, sunflower seeds, Himalayan rock salt, cashews, and vanilla bean just to name a few. The products alone are a spectacle but as every small business owner knows, actually being seen, and developing a memorable brand is equally as important.
The movement of ‘conscious consumption’’ is nothing new, particularly for the new lifestyle-loving wave washing through the Bay of Plenty. I help bring forward a brand that spoke true to her products.
Firstly, the name of a brand needs to be readable and so many brands seem to forget that. Real Rad Foods doesn’t overdo it. It’s clear, bold, and that slightly bit cheeky. It has been designed to work across a range of mediums including packaging, flyers, Instagram posts, Facebook ads, website, mobile and more. It says it how it is, and it is rad. We carried this playful nature through into the brand’s typography by adjusting a typeface to header Real Rad Food.
The visual identity is inspired from the raw nature of her products. I smashed, squashed, flattened, and sprinkled. I mixed them around, paired up pieces, and sought out the perfect amalgamation. The result? Inspiration for a unique pattern. The onlines of the resulting shapes made a raw natural visual design that just sung Real Rad Food. This out-of-the box idea for Real Rad Food’s Identity which can now be seen today across the whole brand.
The brand is predominantly seen on the raw, cardboard packaging which is used for delivery around New Zealand, as well as at market stalls including the Little Big Markets in Mount Maunganui and Dinner in the Domain in Papamoa. Next time you’re in the neighbourhood be sure to drop by and try these delicious treats for yourself - they’re hard to miss!

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